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  • your most valuable asset
  • preserve and protect it
  • media attacks are very costly to your business
  • if the media is hounding,be prepared

 Crisis Audit

  • we evaluate your risk level,your exposure,your preparedness
If you have an issue that has the slightest risk of ending up in the media, you need to call AMC Media right now. We are here to manage your problem.

Anthony McClellan has worked hands-on in the mainstream media for 25 years. Now that experience is available to you.He knows exactly how the media works, he knows its tricks,he knows what to do if "60 Minutes" comes knocking.Why? Because Anthony worked at "60 Minutes",for over a decade. Now you can benefit from that experience.

Don't leave it until it's too late.

AMC Media can help you and your company deal with the media, so you are in control.

AMC Media are experts at representing your interests, so that you come first.

We are based in Sydney, Australia and provide services nationally and  internationally.